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Rules about Signatures


Petitions must contain a front page with the original handwritten signature and full name and address of the principal petitioner.

Each signature on the petition must be made by the person signing in his or her own handwriting. In rare circumstances of incapacity, a petitioner who is unable to sign may ask another person to sign on his or her behalf.

Every signature must be written on a page bearing the request part of the terms of the petition. Signatures must not be copied, pasted, or transferred onto the petition. No electronic signatures or copies of handwritten originals are accepted. They must not be written on a blank page or the blank reverse side of a sheet containing the terms of the petition. Addresses of signatories other than the principal petitioner are not required.



Step 1

Click on PDF ----->

Step 2

Print out PDF

Step 3

Take the petition to friends, neighbours etc and get it signed. 

Step 4

Post completed petitions to: 

PO Box 10113 Rasmussen  QLD  4815